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Events created from scratch with dedicated concept.

Local Expertise for international agencies.

Brand activations are used to model the positive consumer’s perception towards brands and products.

Current events combine offline and online aspects.

The benefits of a cohesive and coordinated team

Careful selection and team preparation.

The Body Shop Portugal

The experience we had with Prestígio was fantastic. From the concept and design of the event to its production, the professionalism and the will to “make it happen” of the whole team were always very evident. I would not hesitate to recommend Prestígio for Brands to our partners.

Selma Manjee
Communications Executive


Working with Prestígio is rewarding! An agency with 25 years of experience where rigor, creativity and organization are the priority! Together we have held events of huge responsibility, being the last ones the best ones for me: " Máxima Beauty Summit" - I loved everything: from the decoration, to the choice of colours and all the details that made the difference, and the "CGD Gathering" - a very challenging event with an incredible final result ... CONGRATULATIONS, Prestígio!!!

Célia Caeiro
Head of National Market


Prestígio has undertaken the major events of SIVA in the last 15 years, namely Volkswagen. In addition to the outstanding level of quality, accuracy and sophistication of the actions proposed and implemented by the agency, it is worth highlighting the innovation and modernity of many solutions we applied in the field and that increased the impact of the events with the various public, both internal and external. Therefore, it has been an unavoidable partner in our marketing and communication actions. During the years we were linked to the event, the activation of Volkswagen in the Estoril Open Tennis Tournament especially marked my memory by its creativity and visibility.

Ricardo Tomaz
Director of Strategic Marketing and External Relations

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