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In fact, we conceive, design, propose, plan and deliver activated content that seeks to be the best response to each briefing and respective goals. And while DOING, we anticipate with resort to the knowledge attained by our experience, and innovate, making use of skills that are paramount in the current social-digital paradigm.

Corporate Events

Events designed from scratch with a dedicated concept or resulting from a predefined project; events with variable size; events for different audiences … whatever the event profile or framework, it is key to know and clearly set the goals in order to model their strategic and organizational components accordingly.

Brand Activation

Brand activations are used to model the consumer’s positive perception towards brands and products.
They are by default creative, polarized and intense. Activations resort to strong “baits”, which take advantage of the people’s openness to new experiences, to different challenges and to record and share their epic moments.

Team Building

The benefits of a strong team, motivated and engaged with the Organization’s brand values and culture are well known. The Team Building actions seek such return by working (intentionally and programmatically) the employees’ emotional asset, their creative agility and self-dedication. Team Building proposals are thought on a case-by-case basis, leaving out catalogue solutions.

International Partnering

With its in-depth knowledge of the market and objective wisdom, Prestígio offers its expertise as a local producer to international agencies, regardless of the event format and profile.


As today’s events combine offline and online aspects, digital competencies are a sine qua non premise. For this reason, Prestígio resorts to digital marketing from the deconstruction of the briefing, promoting the embodiment of amplified proposals.

Hostess & Drivers

Different events and brand activations often require the presence of promoters, hostesses, drivers or monitors with an institutional, communicative-proactive, pedagogic or even performative nature. Bearing in mind the goals of each event/activation, the management of these resources begins with a selection process, necessarily extending to field coordination.

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