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The Body Shop | Press Event

The Body Shop has long undertaken its role as a pioneer in sustainability, combating animal testing and preaching values of naturalness and fair trade.

In this case, the FAAT campaign and the launch of a make-up vegan line provided the motto for creating a truly differentiated moment, capable of captivating (and aligning with) fashion and lifestyle influencers and bloggers.

The activist character of the event, which was attended by a reputed English lobbyist, along with the purpose of giving the event a certain hype and sense of fashion and style, combined to offer a sensory evening start in the garden of an unpredicted Lisbon mansion, sprinkled with hippie-chic notes and colourful manifests.


The Body Shop


FAAT Launch – Forever Against Animal Testing

Type of event:

Brand activation


PR event for journalists and influencers, brand activation




June 2016