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Swatch fans are spread around the world and Portugal is not different.

Represented by Tempus, the brand undertook the responsibility of cyclically stimulating the passion of fans, promoting different initiatives that privilege the status of the members.

The meeting had for pretext the launch of Stargaze, a model only available to the most enthusiastic fans. Starting from the creative concept of the watch design, Prestígio created the “Adventure of the Stars”: look-alike Willy jeeps, instructors and military letters along the scenery of the coast of Cascais constituted the ingredients of the walking activity that involved the participants.

At dinner, Galileo made an appearance to discover and observe a shooting star; both characters showed a night gifted by incredible constellations and with multiple little surprises.




Swatch Stargaze

Type of event:

Team building and brand activation


Members of the Swatch Club




March 2016